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Good bye

Here’s to falling asleep and never waking up. Here’s to finding peace with myself. Here’s to putting the demons in my head to rest. Fuck all of you for making this life more miserable than what it is and what it was supposed to be. Never, have I ever done wrong by anyone. It’s people like you who make me want to end my life 10years short from what I could have. I have never been so fucking mentally drained and exhausted from everyone’s bullshit. I have always put everyone over myself no matter if I’m right or not, no matter the circumstance but it all ends here. I’m so angry, nothing but anger. I don’t feel any sadness or remorse for what I am about to do, but I feel at ease. Ease for the fact that I won’t have to worry anyone anymore. Ease because I’m going to a more tranquil place, one where I don’t have to care about insignificant things such as a uni degree or money anymore. Ease because I will be gone, I will be just a memory to everyone. Please don’t cry when I am gone, but be happy. Happy that I’m in a safer place. My time is up. There’s nothing left to live for, I’ve done most of it. I’ve discovered myself, I’ve tried stupid amounts of alcohol and drugs, fallen in love, had my heart shattered, found grounds with my family. Thank you, for everything. For making me see life in the shitty yet incredible way that it is. But I have to go, I’m sure you will all understand. Possibly not, but until then. Do not blame your self, but blame the close minded, opinionated few around you who are trying to turn you into something you’re not. It’s for this reason that I can not live to see the world anymore, we’re crumbling one by one and they’re not going to catch me. Thank you for your assumptions, your lies and judgement & by this, I’m speaking as a collective. Thank you for pushing me off the edge, for giving me that boost I needed to follow through with this. I’m sorry to my future husband, you’re missing out on a special kind of love and to the children I could’ve had, I’m sorry. I would’ve been an incredible mother. Good bye, Take care, be good. I will miss most of you.
I love you all 😪❤️

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